Fun Had By All: Halloween 2014

By Amielle Moreno

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, the Emory Neuroscience Program celebrated this fabulous holiday in style. Dr. Gary Miller and his laboratory made an impressive show at Frontiers, representing all the major characters of Game of Thrones.

GIN president, Rachel Clibourn, introduces her PI, Dr. Miller, making multiple Game of Thrones references.
Did you guess who ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ is? Here’s a hint: like Voldomort, the costume wearer is obsessed with in orphans… orphan g protein receptors, that is.
Dr. Miller’s lab added a fun and festive air to Frontiers.

Program members who just couldn’t get enough Halloween, showed up to the Graduate in Neuroscience costume mixer after lab and before painting the town orange and black.


Oh no! Who left the giant rat cage door open?!
Best Couples Costume!
The GIN mixer heated up with the surprise visit by none other than John Lennon and Yoko Ono!
Can you spot Ron from Parks and Recreation?
Halloween 2013 2013 class kim's party
The class of 2013 does it right at Kim Lang’s annual Halloween Party

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