First Annual Photo Contest: 2014

Hello Neuroscience Students and Friends!

As Editor and Chief of the Central Sulcus, I’m proud to submit you the finalists for our first annual photo contest.  To remind you, the goal of this contest was to top a photo submitted by David Nicholson.

Did the other submissions beat this beautiful brain biologist? Cast your vote to decide!

We had a number of submissions from faculty and students. Let me remind you that the first prize is $50 dollars and a handshake from a local celebrity. The second prize/punishment is a date with our effervescent editor Don Noble.

Please ‘like’ our Central Sulcus Facebook page to cast your vote for your favorite photo. Then go to the “Photo Contest: 2014” album and vote on your favorite photo by ‘liking’ it. Here they all are:

Getting the whole lab involved, Rachel Cliburn submits a classic “Who Wore it Better” between her and her lab’s post-doc Tommy Guillot.
Dr. Lena Ting submits this image of our fearless leader with his precious snaps and an ominous Don Noble in the background.
photo 1-1
Dr. Lena Ting was more… um… Sam Sober than the flip cuppers when she decided to document this rousing retreat game.
Dr. Larry Young submitted this photo, which I believe symbolizes how the Emory Neuroscience community propels its students to achieve new heights.

Thank you for your continued patronage of our program’s blog and please vote for your favorite photo on our Central Sulcus Facebook page!


+Amielle Moreno+


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