Retreat Photos: 2014

By Mandy Bekhbat

The Neuroscience Program held its annual retreat on August 23rd, 2014. Here we bring you our photo chronicle of the activity-filled afternoon as well as the evening of the neuroscience trivia competition. Please share your own photos of favorite retreat moments we may have missed!

And don’t forget to submit some of those pictures to our photo contest by September 15th for a chance to win eternal glory and some $$.

The largest group of neuroscientists yet (n=26) to hike the Amicalola Falls trail.
Icecream1 2014
Afterwards, Gary treated the hikers to Dahlonega ice cream.
Icecream2 2014
Nom Nom Nom
Not as many people were needed for Don’s launch.
Meanwhile in the pool, the annual throwing of the battle-axe was held.


Leila’s performance was Oscar-worthy, and has the potential to win Dr. Young the photo contest first prize.
Chaos reins!
Team “Snap!, We use more that 10%,” pictured above with their creative snap-art.
Team “Yoland: A New Hope” pictured just before the announcement of the final bonus question.
Victory, it seems, is indeed sweet.
Flip-cup tournament sees three consecutive wins for the first-years, who were led by Dr. Smith.



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