Fun Had By All: Graduate Student Mixer Spring 2014

Poorly Written By: Amielle Moreno  

      The Graduate Student Council (GSC) knocked it out of the park this time with their mixer at the Italian restaurant La Tagliatella at Emory Point. It appears that the GSC organizers learned a lesson from the previous mixer at Pies and Pints, where the large turn-out lead to long lines and sub-par service.  Required RSVPs kept numbers manageable even though certain MD/PhD students who failed to RSVP (pictured below), were able to sneak past the door. Timing the event shortly after work hours lead to more casual attire, with most attendees coming directly from laboratory. The Neuroscience Program was well represented and food and fun were had by all.

From Left: Megan Lee Shelfer, partner of adjacent (tall ,dark, and handsome) Jacob Billings, Dora Guzman, Maylen Perez, Yvonne Ogbonmwan, Party Crasher, and David Nicholson.
From Left: Maylen Perez-Hilton, Mandy Bekhbat, Dora Guzman and date.
The first year of grad school is about finding free food. The winners of the first-year food scavenger hunt, from left to right, are Claire McGregor, Varun Saravanan, Olivia Moody, Elizabeth Kline and some MD/PhD party crasher…..
What? You think you could write a better article?! … Yeah, probably. If you’re associated with the Emory Neuroscience Program and have an opinion, did something amazing, or saw someone do something amazing and would like to write an article, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at

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