DSAC Symposium: Review

By Tyra Lamar

On Friday, January 10th, students traveled from near (Woodruff Memorial) and far (Yerkes) to present both visual and oral proof of their productivity. I am happy to say that the Neuroscience program was well represented at this event, with three students giving talks and ten presenting posters.

James Burkett’s discussion of partner consolation in prairie voles was a triumph of vole monogamy, I appreciated the translational undertones of Ariana Mullin’s discoveries in fly homeostasis at the NMJ, and Leila Myrick’s functional study of two new Fragile X mutations has inspired me in my own disease work. Great talks, Guys!

As for the posters, well let’s just say that I almost forgot to grab my free lunch. As I scanned the floor for familiar faces, I was overwhelmed by gorgeous figures and significant results. Here’s to successful thesis projects!

Kelly Lohr
Andrew Swanson and Sam Rose
Andrew Swanson and Sam Rose
Karl Schmidt
Karl Schmidt
Don Noble
Don Noble
Jordan Kohn
Jordan Kohn

As proof of our program’s general awesomeness, Neuroscience students even took home awards! Congrats to Karl Schmidt, who won third place for his poster on the effect of noradrenergic activation in the locus ceruleus on operant behavior (yay optogenetics!). Congratulations also to Todd Deveau, whose immunofluorescence image won best in show. Special thanks to everyone who participated and came to support!



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