SFN Special Reports: Thursday & Friday (Bonus Days)

IMG_20131115_111009_632Lanikea King: I didn’t want to leave. It was a good conference. A perfect mix of professional development and recreation in a sunny beach town. It was 82 degrees in the middle of November. Little did I know that same heat was conspiring to make my half hearted wish a reality.

The fog attacked horizontally and after dark. A perfect mix of hot air and cold Pacific. First came the delays, one hour at a time. Beards and I passed the time playing spot the neuroscientist: poster tubes, AAAS shirts and Keens the obvious gives.

Soon the cancellations started. Little red lines on the screens across the lobby. I cursed the robot on the phone until a biological voice appeared to change our reservations to a different airline the next day. Beards handled the ground.

We got a room close to the airport with two beds. It was better with a friend. And we had only been on the same flight by chance. Strength in numbers. Thanks Emory NS.

Steve Ryan: Well, after the fog ruined our first flight, The King and I crashed at a motel off the airport whose primary selling point was the sassy staff (“nice beards” she quips at check-in, and later how fabulous we are at listing our room keys).  The next leg of our adventure took us through Texas onto a plane where the first officer had to KICK OPEN the door to the only lavatory.  SfN is always an adventure, and this year has been no exception!


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