SFN Correspondent Reports: Wednesday (Day 5)

tomdeisserothTom Hennessey: Guess which one of these is a Diesseroth poster? Trick question, it’s all of them.

Kara K.: Despite late-night partying at Larry’s condo, I woke up in my bed and even made it to the conference center by 9am for the morning poster session.  The last day of the conference is always a bit bittersweet, but it’s a nearly impossible pace of activity to maintain for any longer than a weeks time, and I’m pretty ready to head back to Atlanta and resume my regular Yerkes routine.

topgunfanEric Maltbie: Woo Top Gun!

That fan has more support than connectomics!

Nov13th Poster sessionYvonne Ogbonmwan: Last day of SfN! I had the luck of being scheduled for the last poster session on the last day of SfN, an enviable spot. The crowd at the convention center was notably thinner, as many people had already left Wednesday morning or the night before. However, there was still a fair number of die-hard scientists determined to stay until the bitter end and quite a few of them stopped by my poster. Overall, I had a great time at SfN. The science, the city and the food were all amazing and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Don Noble: Good night San Diego!



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