SFN Correspondent Reports: Tuesday (Day 4)

Roy wise lectureYvonne Ogbonmwan: I took the time to attend one of the lectures on Tuesday. Dr. Roy Wise was gave the Presidential Lecture. His lecture broadly covered the history of the neurobiology of drug addiction. He highlighted some of the key researchers that elucidated the various brain regions that comprise the reward circuit.


Don Noble: Sigmund Freud (?) approves of Neighborhood for celebratory lab outings.

Kara K.: Tonight was the Young lab party at Larry’s condo, where vole labbies both current and veteran turned out to eat, drink and get a little bit crazy. Larry always throws a good party, and this was no exception. We ate a delicious meal cooked by Elissar and drank enough that I’m positive we all are nice and dehydrated today. Conversations ranged from academic to slightly x-rated (what IS the true definition of the term “hooking up”??). The big man himself had some pretty good quotes even early on in the evening. On the subject of my upcoming oral qualifying exam, “You need to chill out. There’s no way you’re gonna fucking fail that thing.” And on getting funding for the lab, “I don’t give a shit about NRSAs, we need to write an R01. Well, wait, if you get an NRSA then I don’t have to pay for you…”

After several more rounds of drinks it was collectively decided that it was time to dance. Trying to pretend like we know what’s hip and cool, we watched an instructional youtube video on “how to twerk” and then proceeded to test out our newly learned skills. We twerked and danced until our thighs, atrophied from excessive desk/bench sitting, were too sore to continue and I’m not quite sure how I made it back to the hotel.


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