SFN Correspondent Reports: Monday (Day 3)

donballDon Noble: Meditating apparently hasn’t stopped the rodents from running rampant in fine plush form throughout the exhibit booths at SFN, but it helped me propel a ball toward myself using low-frequency EEG activity.

A-listers like Eric Kandel get swanky swimming pools and their own fireworks.










Laura Mariani: Today I visited the different exhibitors at SFN. In addition to commercial vendors plying their wares and giving out candy (and notebooks — I forgot to pack one; thanks, American Physiological Society!) you can find various scientific non-profits and government organizations in the house. The next time the NIH triages one of your grant applications, just remember that they have to budget their money very wisely. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to afford a giant convention booth with a spinning NIH logo on top and a Comic Sans digital scrolling marquee promoting themselves.

IMG956Yvonne Ogbonmwan: Day 2 of the graduate school fair was very successful. Laura Mariani takes to dozens of students who stopped by the Emory booth.



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