SFN 2013 Correspondent Reports: Sunday (Day 2)

hobotom3Tom Hennessey: Day 2 of San Diego is tiring, more so for some than others.

Eric Maltbie: I definitely did not see a single homeless person in the park next to the convention center. Nor did I try to use a public restroom on a pier, only to be blocked by a hobo sleeping on the floor in front of the urinals.

Laura Mariani: Today I had my poster from 8 AM – 12 PM, immediately followed by the grad school fair from 12 PM – 2 PM. As a result I spent six straight hours talking to strangers about how awesome my research is (a bit of a stretch) and how awesome the Emory NS program is (no stretch at all). Then I realized I hadn’t eaten since 7, so I chowed down on the banana I’d cleverly stolen from the hotel breakfast buffet earlier and wandered off in search of food. “I’ll just drop off my poster at the hotel first,” I thought. And then instead of going back to the meeting I spent three hours wandering around the waterfront and watching the sun set. #noregrets



Yvonne Ogbonmwan: I took some time to check out the exhibits today. There are dozens of companies presenting at the exhibit hall this week. One such company was  Intific, a software company that produces imersive simulation software. Their exhibit included a special demo of their software.


Don Noble: Drew did pretty well on the Interactive Virtual Reality task until it required walking in a straight line and moving briefly to the left.

Amielle Moreno: LEFT BEHIND
Once I realized my dire situation, I gathered supplies….


I remembered from survivor field guides that the most efficient way to carry water is inside you, and because vodka is a kind of water, I made sure to drink it as fast as possible.
When I came out of what I like to call “mental hibernation,” I was at the Seahawks Falcons game yelling passive aggressive insults at individuals with traumatic brain injury. Days after Atlanta looses their neuroscientists, primitive tribe mentalities are dividing the population between bird species enthusiasts. Maybe things will be better in lab tomorrow.


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