SFN 2013 Correspondent Reports: Friday (Day 0)

Yvonne Ogbonmwan: SfN is off to a great start so far. I attended the Galanin pre-meeting, one of the mny SfN satellite events happening this week. UT was exciting to meet the many from  researchers from throughout the world studying this neuropeptide. Also got to enjoy some really good food, including the sushi platter for the night.

1383959060221Tom Hennessey: Once gain my sfn trip for the day involved basically no neuroscience. Instead I biked around San Diego and visited the maritime museum. It was pretty dang great, especially if you like boats, which yes is probably a prerequisite of visiting that kind of museum. At any rate if anyone finds themselves with some free time and a desire to see the harbour or fight pirates or what have you, go check it out.


Today I was at the Society for Social Neuroscience meeting. These are some random humorous things said that are out of context for anyone who wasn’t there. Sorry I’m not sorry.

-I’m just a Sprague-Dawley rat living in an Long Evans world.
-Larry wants more “Half human half animal speakers”.
-Rats show no gratitude for being consoled or helped.
-James on a video in his talk: Obviously I picked my best video.
-And the award for most PowerPoint effects goes to …. Jaak Panksepp .
-he also won best science dad joke ” We used chickens because they’re cheap.”
-Voles with early life separation and low OT in nacc are “totally screwed up” according to Larry.

Kara K.:  The pre-meeting festivities are in full swing, and nerds from all over the world can already been seen confusedly navigating San Diego on their way to mecca (i.e. the conference center).

My nerdfest started with the Society for Social Neuroscience satellite meeting. There have been a lot of great talks already, including our own James Burkett (!!), and many fabulous posters to be stared at contemplatively while stroking ones chin later this evening. I have a poster for this meeting as well, however my data was a bit lacking so I like to consider what I will be presenting to be an artful dance around that fact. Through the creative use of negative space and multiple repetitions of the same 3 or 4 facts, I think I have created the ultimate negative data disguise. Much use of excuses (“small sample sizes, variability, technical issuses”), and heavily leaning on my one (and only) worthwhile graph will hopefully make the execution of this perfect illusion ninja-like in its precision. Thankfully I doubt most people at this meeting will know much about melanocortins, so if I get a bit caught, I plan to incoherently start listing off facts about this exciting hypothalamic neuropeptide system in a sort of filibuster until poster scrutinizers become bored and wander away. The perfect crime.

NoCoatHangersEric Maltbie: The Sheraton has bizarre discriminatory policies, but I support the rebellious coat-hangers in their quest for freedom.

Laura Mariani: wait did James mean 10pm east coast time? that is prime pizza-eating time on the west coast. I dunno if this is gonna work. will try to get a photo tomorrow. #jetlag #beer #dealwithit

Amielle Moreno: LEFT BEHIND

It started like any other morning but when I hit the road, traffic was deep. Did this have something to do with the fury of rushed work that was going on in lab yesterday?


It was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. I found out to late; a mass dispora of Neuroscientists had occurred, and I was left behind. Wait, where’s my PI?
F&@$ it, I’m staying at work today!



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