SFN 2013 Correspondent Reports: Thursday (Day -1)

Our official SFN correspondents’ SFN journeys have begun! Here are the first reports:


Kara K.: Coming home to no rabbits #sfn2013 #sorrynotsorry #gradlyfe #rabbits #beer #apartment #nosleep #deltaflightbitches #pst #neuro #yerkes5thfloor #centralsulcus

Tom Hennessey: 

My first day of SFN began like so many others, at 11:59 the previous day. I was working on the poster I should have finished several days earlier because of course I was. In the course of such a thing ones mind tends to wander.

I found myself thinking of the many spiders I’d seen around yerkes, huge spiders in webs all about the grounds. I thought about how easy it would be to say, grab some tweezers and a flask, fill it the brim and saran wrap it and pack it away in my suitcase. Then I’d be at the airport, where the TSA checked my bag and asked about it I could say oh hey you don’t want to open that, and then they would and then SPIDERS EVERYWHERE AND I’D JUST LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH

Anyway my flight was uneventful, here’s the lovely San Diego Beach.

tom1drew1Drew Solyst: Today I flew in from cold, gloomy Seattle to the beautiful, sunny San Diego and was reunited with friends that were dearly missed. I ate scrimps “cooked” with juice, the guttyworks of some anemone that still squirming and downed some cheap but tasty tequila shots at Lime Tequila Bar in the Gaslamp Quarter. It was a night that reminded me both how special the people in the Emory NS program are and how bad my duck face selfie pose is.

donkaraDon Noble: Kara proves that comfort doesn’t have to come at the cost of style.



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