NS Retreat Highlights

By Tyra Lamar

This year’s annual Neuroscience program retreat was held, as usual, at the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort in Dahlonega, Georgia.  Retreat is a chance to bring our illustrious faculty and hard-working students together for such scholarly pursuits as volleyball, trivia, dancing, and of course, a fierce game of Flip Cup! Most importantly, it is a ridiculously fun and low-key way to introduce our first year students to the Neuroscience community here at Emory.

Fun in the Great Outdoors!

As evidence of the close-knit spirit of this program, we welcomed back two NS alumni as guest speakers, Rebecca Rosen (graduated 2009) and Leah Roesch (graduated 2007). Rebecca, a senior researcher in the Science of Science and Innovation Policy at the American Institutes for Research and Leah, a lecturer in the Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology program right here at Emory reflected on their experiences in alternative careers to tenure-track academia and their awesome experiences as grad students.

The day ended with our annual trivia competition hosted by resident trivia master Randy Hall, beer and cider all round, and the electrifying final musical performance of KinoDamon and the Stereocilia (You will be missed, guys! As Drew Solyst already is. See photo).

File Photo of Drew Solyst
File Photo of Drew Solyst

Retreat highlights and the video of the world’s best inner ear-themed band can be found below.




Video of KinoDamon and the Stereocilia:


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