The Editors welcome you to the NEW Central Sulcus online!

For nearly 10 years, the Neuroscience Program has published its newsletter, The Central Sulcus, in PDF and print format. Today, we launch the next-generation newsletter in its new online blog format!

In addition to the usual science, philosophy, art, reviews, humor, and other fascinating content, we will now be able to provide timely news and announcements. And remember, the newsletter survives only through YOUR original submissions!

Furthermore, as you can see below, we have put all 10 years of The Central Sulcus online! A decade of original articles and great content from our own students and faculty is now at your fingertips. To the right of the page, you can click on Categories to quickly see relevant content reaching back to 2004. Or, use the Tag cloud to quickly find articles related to a wide variety of topics. There is also a Search box that will help you find anything at all.

A lot of great content has been produced by our Program in the past 10 years. Some real gems have been “lost” due to the relative difficulty in sifting through the old articles. This new Blog gives you easy access to all of that old content. I encourage everyone to explore!

Finally, keep your eye out for new content, which will be added here all the time. The Editors of the Central Sulcus are very excited about the future of this blog, and we hope you are too!

Picture1— James Burkett, Jacob Billings, Don Noble, and Tyra Lamar
Editors of The Central Sulcus


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