Congratulations to our thesis defenders!

Join me in congratulating the magnificent bastards who beat us all to the finish line. And a special congratulations to Brittany Howell, who successfully defended TODAY!

Thesis defenders:

3/13 Debra Cooper (Advisors: Leonard Howell and David Weinshenker)
Thesis:  “Effects of Pharmacological Dopamine b-hydroxylase Inhibition on Cocaine-induced Behavior and Neurochemistry”

4/13 Stefanie Ritter (Advisor: Randy Hall)
Thesis: “Regulation of Glutamate Transporter and Receptor Function by NHERF Scaffolding Proteins”

4/13 Santiago Archila (Advisor: Astrid Prinz)
Thesis: “Experimental and Computational Evidence for Regulation of Synaptic Conductance via Graded Homeostasis of Post-synaptic Chloride Concentration”

4/13 Amy Anderson-Zose (Advisors: Edward Craighead and Elaine Walker)
Thesis: “Prenatal Maternal Depression and the Neurodevelopment of Social Cognition”

6/13 Yanjie Fan (Advisor: James Zheng)
Thesis: “Actin Capping Protein in Dendritic Spine Development”

8/13 Damon Lamb (Advisor: Ron Calabrese)
Thesis: “Multi-compartmental Modeling Shows Correlated Conductance Parameters in Leech Heart Motor Neurons Contribute to Motor Pattern Formation”

8/13 Brittany Howell (Advisor: Mar Sanchez)
Thesis: “Neurodevelopmental Consequences of Early Life Stress in Primates”


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