Wacky Science answers

Originally published Spring 2012.

Wacky Science Answers:

1) (a) Watanabe S. Pigeons can discriminate “good” and “bad” paintings by children. Animal cognition 2010; 13(1): 75-85.
(b) Fabricated.
(c) Steinhauser G. The nature of navel fluff. Medical hypotheses 2009; 72(6): 623-5.

2)   (a) Stack S. The Effect of County Music on Suicide. North 2012; 71(1): 211-218.
(b) Fabricated.
(c) Burn CC. A vicious cycle: a cross-sectional study of canine tail-chasing and human responses to it, using a free video-sharing website. PloS one 2011; 6(11): e26553.


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