Wacky Science answers

Originally published Spring 2013.

Wacky Science Answers:

1) (a) Aoi, W. et al. Titanium-treated surroundings attenuate psychological stress associated with autonomic nerve regulation in office workers with daily emotional stress. Physiology & behavior 108, 13–8 (2012).
(b) Fabricated.
(c) Inbar, Y., Pizarro, D.A. & Bloom, P. Disgusting smells cause decreased liking of gay men. Emotion 12, 23–7 (2012).

2) (a) Malik, T.A., Luz, L. P. & Peter, S. Caught on camera: an unusual type of bug in the gut. Gastrointestinal endoscopy 73, 363–4 (2011).
(b) Moreno, L. et al. Automatic analysis of signals with symbolic content. Artificial intelligence in medicine 18, 245–65 (2000).
(c) Fabricated.

*Special thanks to James Burkett, Chubee Nemeth, and Kara K.


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