Wacky Science and Terminally Neurotic answers

Originally published Fall 2012.

Wacky Science Answers:

1) (a)Sidoli M. Farting as a defence against unspeakable dread. Journal of Analytical Psychology 1996.
(b) Schoknecht P. Growth and Teat Ownership in a Litter of Binturongs. Zoo Biology 1984; 277.
(c) Fabricated.

2) (a) Fabricated.
(b) Markey PM, Markey CN. Seasonal Variation in Internet Keyword Searches: A Proxy Assessment of Sex Mating Behaviors. Archives of sexual behavior 2012.
(c) Waters OR, Daneshmend T, Shirazi T. An incidental finding of a gastric foreign body 25 years after ingestion. BMJ case reports 2011; 2011: 1–2.

Terminally Neurotic Answer:
Migraine headache.


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