Frontiers in Neuroscience

Originally published Spring 2013.

We have an exciting new line up for this fall’s Frontiers in Neuroscience.  Be sure to join  us every Friday at noon in the Whitehead Auditorium!

2/1 Yanjie Fan and Katy Shepard, Emory NS graduate students
2/8 Roger Cone (Vanderbilt)
2/15 Becky Meyer and Chris Makinson, Emory NS graduate students
2/22 Michelle LaPlaca (Georgia Institute)
3/1 Katerina Akassoglou (UCSF)
3/8 Willfried Rossol (Emory)
3/15 Spring Break
3/22 Christopher Coe (U. Wisconsin-Mad)
3/29 Michael Sutton (U. Mich)
4/5 Mustafa Sahin (Boston Children’s H.)
4/12 Tracy Ann Read (Emory)
4/19 Ralph Greenspan (UCSD)
4/26 Francisco Alvarez (Emory)
5/3 Julio Ramirez (Davidson)


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