Frontiers in Neuroscience

Originally published Fall 2012.

We have an exciting new line up for this fall’s Frontiers in Neuroscience.  Be sure to join  us every Friday at noon in the Whitehead Auditorium!

9/7 Dr. Gregory Berns (Emory)
9/14 Dr. Zachary Johnson  (Emory)
9/21 Dr. Ling Wei (Emory)
9/21 Dr. Carol Shively (Wake Forest)
10/5 Karen Rommelfanger (Emory)
10/12 Break for SfN
10/19 Steve Potter (Emory)
10/26 Lary Walker (Emory)
11/2 Richard Mooney (Duke)
11/9 Roger Cone (Vanderbilt)
11/16 Arthur English (Emory)
11/23 Break for Thanksgiving
11/30 Stephen Traynelis (Emory)
12/7 Tracy-Ann Read (Emory)


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