Originally published Fall 2012.

Raise your glass to these fresh new doctors, who finally finished that escape tunnel they dug with a spoon ….

Thesis Defenders of 2012

1/12 Jacob Shreckengost (Advisor: Shawn Hochman)
Thesis: “On The Mechanisms of Presynaptic Inhibition of Primary Afferents”

2/12 Shareen Iqbal (Advisor: Leland Chung)
Thesis: “PDGF Upregulates MCL-1 through Activation of Beta-Catenin and HIF-1alpha-dependent Signaling in Cancer”

2/12 Lisa L. Matragano (Advisor: Donna Maney)
Thesis: “Hormone-Dependent Modulation of Auditory Processing and Selectivity in White-Throated Sparrows”

3/12 Meera Modi (Advisor: Larry Young,)
Thesis: “Identifying Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Enhancing Social Cognition using Functional Animal Models”

3/12 Vasiliki Michopoulos (Advisor: Mark Wilson)
Thesis: “Psychosocial Stress Induces Distinct Physiological and Behavioral Phenotypes in Female Rhesus Monkeys”

5/12 Sharon Swanger (Advisor: Gary Bassell)
Thesis: “Bidirectional Control of Dendritic mRNA Translation, Glutamate Receptor Expression, and Synapse Structure by the CPEB-Associated Polyadenylation Machinery”

8/13/12 Terrell Brotherton (Advisor: Jonathan Glass)
Thesis: ”Toxicity and Solubility of Mutant Superoxide Dismutase 1 in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis”


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