Originally published Spring 2012.

Raise your glass to these fresh new doctors, who finally achieved escape velocity after years and years of trying ….

Thesis Defenders of 2011-2012

2/2/11        Alexander Poplawsky (Advisor: Xiaoping Hu)
Thesis: “Direct Detection of Neural Magnetic Fields with Fast-Temporal Resolution Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy”

5/26/11      Terrence Michael Wright, Jr. (Advisor: Ron Calabrese)
Thesis: “Contribution of Motor Neurons to Motor Pattern Generation”

7/11/11 Anlys Olivera (Advisor: Andy Miller)
Thesis: “Inhibition of the NF-Κb Signaling Pathway by the Curcumin Analogs, 3,5-Bis(2-Pyridinylmethylidene)-4-Piperidone (EF31) and 3,5-Bis(2-Pyridinylmethylidene)-1-Methyl-4-Piperidone (UBS109): In-Vitro and In-Vivo Studies”

7/19/11 Dan Manvich (Advisor: Leonard Howell)
Thesis: “Serotonin 5-HT2C Receptor-Mediated Modulation of the Behavioral and Neurochemical Effects of Cocaine in the Squirrel Monkey”

7/19/11 Sarah Cork (Advisor: Erwin Van Meir)
Thesis: “MMP-14 Proteolysis of Tumor Suppressor BAI1 Yields Vasculostatin-40, a Novel Secreted Angiogenesis Inhibitor”

8/18/11 Amy Mahan (Advisor: Kerry Ressler)
Thesis: “Transcriptional Regulation of Homer1a during Pavlovian Fear Conditioning”

9/27/11 Kate O’Toole (Advisor: Andrew Jenkins)
Thesis: “Function of the Intracellular Loop Domain of the GABAA-R Α1 Subunit”

9/30/11 Andrea Leatis (Advisor: Andy Miller)
Thesis: “Norepinephrine Regulation of Inflammatory Responses during Monocyte Activation and Differentiation and During Acute Stress in Patients with Major Depression”

11/7/11 Eileen Sawyer (Advisor: Leonard Howell)
Thesis: “Neuroadaptive Changes in the Serotonin System Associated with Chronic SSRI Treatment in the Context of Cocaine Use”

11/29/11 Michael Kelly (Advisor: Ping Chen)
Thesis: “The Cellular Role of ATOH1 In Development and Regeneration in the Mammalian Cochlea”

12/9/11 Seyed Safavynia (Advisor: Lina Ting)
Thesis: “Spatiotemporal Determinants of Muscle Activity throughout Human Postural Responses”

12/15/11 Kristen Sager Cincotta (Advisor: James Lah)
Thesis: “Characterization of LR11/SORLA in Mild Cognitive Impairment”

12/16/11 Meriem Gaval (Advisor: David Weinshenker)
Thesis: “Modulators of Behavioral Sensitivity to Cocaine Following Dopamine Β-Hydroxylase Inhibition”

12/21/11 Stacey Dutton (Advisor: Andrew Escayg)
Thesis: “The Voltage-gated Sodium Channel SCN1A and Epilepsy”

1/27/12 Jacob Shreckengost (Advisor: Shawn Hochman)
Thesis: “On The Mechanisms of Presynaptic Inhibition of Primary Afferents”


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