A Final Letter From the Editor

By James Burkett

Originally published Spring 2013.

So you finally made it to the end, my friend, and in more ways than one. This is officially the final printed issue of the Central Sulcus.

When I started as editor-in-chief of the Central Sulcus two years ago, I knew right from the start that a printed newsletter was old hat. The format was difficult to produce, difficult to distribute, and difficult to archive. The long delays between publications made it impractical as a source of news. And as long as it took to make, it was generally consumed in days. So I decided to change the rules.

I steered the Central Sulcus away from news and information and into a forum where Neuroscience students could share their interests, their talents, and their passions. We printed reviews of restaurants, taverns, dance clubs and neighborhoods; event calendars and musical venue maps; artists’ drawings, from the stately to the irreverent; and a great deal of home-brew humor.

So as we transition to an online blog format, I would like to transition into something new as well, but not by subtracting, by adding. We will still strive to be a representation of the minds and passions of our fellow students. However, now we will be able to bring news, announcements, events, and much more to you. So thank you all, and please continue to contribute, or monkeys will raid your kitchen at night.

— James Burkett, Editor-in-Chief


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