Incoming class: Fall 2009

By Eileen Kessler

Originally published Summer 2009.

We are looking forward to welcoming an excellent class in the fall, from many different universities and backgrounds and with diverse research interests!

Mallory Bowers – University of Pennsylvania – neuronal plasticity in mood disorders

Katherine Bryant – College of William and Mary (BS), George Mason University (MS) – visual attention and its relationship to theory of mind in apes

James Burkett – Emory University – endogenous opioids and pair bonding in prairie voles, electrophysiology

Amaryllis Cintron – University of Florida (BS), Georgia State University (MS) – computational and experimental approaches to study plasticity in the pyloric network, learning and memory

Todd Deveau – Vanderbilt University – genetic differences between responders and non-responders to pharmacological anti-depressant therapy

Sarah DeWitt – Barnard College – emotional memory, anxiety, fear conditioning in rodents

Zachary Johnson – University of Illinois – differences in the brain’s processing of social rewards and other types of rewards, such as eating or using drugs

Joseph Mertz – Cornell University – developmental neurobiology.

Ariana Mullin – Trinity College – Parkinson’s Disease, other neurodegenerative disorders.

Donald Noble – University of California in Los Angeles – brain plasticity related to emotion, attention, and volition; effects of mental training and meditation techniques

Cecilia Prudente – University Fed De Minas Gerias – motor control and movement

Katherine Reding – College of William and Mary (BS), University of Liverpool (MS) – effects of gonadal hormones on behavior and cognition, comparative biology of the dopamine system

James (Drew) Solyst – St. Mary’s College of Maryland – mechanisms of social cognition, the neural correlates of empathy, and the possible involvement of mirror neurons in these social processes.


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