GIVE: A New Graduate Student Service Organization on Campus

By Lucy Guillory, Editor

Originally published February 2009.

 feb222009This past semester Margie Varnado,  business manager of GDBBS, and several  GDBBS students pioneered  a new graduate student service  organization called GIVE  (GDBBS Involved in Volunteerism  at Emory). GIVE has already  accomplished a lot in its  initial few months.

The winter clothing drive  group, headed by Meriem Gaval  was a huge success. GIVE collected  hundreds of coats and  other clothing for men, women, and  children to benefit two organizations who  assist victims of domestic violence:  Georgia-based La Casa de Los Angeles  and Johnnie’s House.

NaTasha started the very successful  Yoplait Save Lids Save Lives lid drive at  Emory in support of breast cancer research  and treatment. Yoplait® donates  10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the  Cure® for every pink lid received, up to  $1.5 million with a guaranteed donation of at least $500,000. Through GIVE, 999  pink lids were raised for a grand total of  $99.90.

Give Volunteers Collecting Yoplait Lids
Give Volunteers Collecting Yoplait

Several other service projects  are also

Give Volunteers at Project Open Hand
Give Volunteers at Project Open

underway. Alisha Epps  lead a project to donate Christmas  gifts for three disadvantaged  families in the High Falls  area. Also, Dr. Judy Fridovich-  Keil started a bakery donation  project. She works with Virginia  Highlands bakery Alon’s  which donates leftover bread and  muffins to the Ronald McDonald House  by Emory Hospital and to local homeless  shelters. GIVE volunteers also recently  helped the organization Project Open  Hand prepare food for homeless shelters.

In light of the recent successes of  GIVE, Ms. Varnado plans to expand  GIVE to other graduate school departments.  If you would like to help GIVE  with any of their existing projects or start  your own project, please contact Margie  Varnado and/or visit the website at http:// givemory/. 


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