A Confounded Crossword

By Erin Hecht

Originally published Summer 2009.


1. Weinshenker’s lab on Christmas Eve
10. When small perturbations in initial conditions lead to unpredictable variations in observed behavior
11. Programmable card in phone
12. There’s no right way to…
15. Amnesty International, the Ad Council, or the Sierra Club
16. Mess o’ potamia
20. Devices used to report escaped research subjects
22. What the endoplasmic reticulum does to calcium
26. Opposite of 38 down, abbr.
27. More descriptive than 19 down
29. “Cuz the boyz n __ hood are always hard, come talking that trash and we’ll pull your card”
30. What 34 across will do to the food in your freezer
31. Shawn Hochman’s spinal cords
32. What you do with your Pubmed results
33. Cent, million, or diem
34. Classic sublimator
35. Hybrid Neural Microsystems
37. Who says you can’t “finish in four?”
40. Fights, but for fun
43. Between milli and nano
44. My research subject ___ my homework
45. Where you go after your NRSA gets rejected
46. How sheep exercise control over their own actions?
47. Health maintenance organization
49. What your nose knows?

2. According to a 1999 Surgeon General’s report, this has a better remission rate for severe depression than SSRI’s
3. Greater or less ___
4. 15 across for 21 down
5. Trendy neighborhood in 36 down
6. Enzyme suffix
7. Communist anti depressant?
8. Measurement system used in science
9. 34 across does this at room temperature
13. Response to 45 down
14. Our bosses
17. Needs
18. To make watery?
19. More precise than 27 across
20. What to do when your NRSA doesn’t get funded
21. John McCain, Mick Jagger or Shirley MacLaine
23. What we’ll use to get around town at SfN ‘09
24. MRI manufacturer
25. Why not to order blowfish sushi
28. “Earmark” of 21 down
30. Complex regional pain syndrome where acute pain becomes chronic
36. The city that never sleeps (it must be full of grad students)
38. Runts, Mini Coopers, and studio apartments
39. Marvin the Paranoid Android was a sad one, and C-3PO was an urbane one
41. The opercularis is my favorite and the compacta is Kalynda’s
42. Where zebrafish live when they’re not in the lab
45. Davis lab motto?
47. What the NIH reviewer said about your NRS
48. Young Jeezy, Q-Tip, and Flava Flav

Answers here.


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