The EC Review

Dan Manvich & Todd Ahern, Executive Committee Student Reps

Originally published February 2007.

Todd Ahern
Todd Ahern

Your Executive Committee has been hard at work as of late, getting updated feedback from students and faculty concerning changes that have taken place, as well as discussing new and exhilarating possibilities for the program in the future. The start of the spring semester in the Neuroscience Program brings with it the opportunity to make several exciting announcements.

Dan Manvich
Dan Manvich

The EC recently had the chance to meet with the 1st-year students and hear some positive comments about their first semester here at Emory. Of particular interest was their response to a potentially new addition to the curriculum. Under the banner of “Techniques in Neuroscience”, students participated in on-location, hands-on training with various laboratory techniques, including molecular, cellular, neuroimaging, and behavioral methods. Due in large part to the students’ positive feedback, the EC has given approval for the submission of a course proposal to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. While details are still being worked out, we hope to be able to report soon that the course will be offered officially to all incoming Neuroscience students during the fall semester.

Of course, the beginning of the year can mean only one thing – recruitment! The Neuroscience Program has once again attracted many of the top students in the nation and abroad. Recruitment weekends will be held February 15th-17th, and March 1st-3rd, 2007. We will have nearly 50 students interviewing over the two weekends, drawn from one of the strongest applicant pools to date. It will take a large effort to ensure that each of these applicants learns fully all that our program has to offer. For more informationabout how to help, please contact one of our student Admissions Committee representatives, Meag Ward ( or Mike Kelly (

Special thanks go out to the entire Admissions Committee, including Ping Chen, Amy Lee, Thomas Wichmann, Andrew Escayg, Elizabeth Buffalo, Pete Wenner, Sonia Hayden, and co-chairs Leonard Howell and Shawn Hochman.

As many will recall, in May 2005 the Neuroscience Program applied for a renewal of our NIH training grant support. In the fall of that same year, we were visited by a panel of reviewers who met with various students and faculty members. It wasn’t long before we received word that our program had received excellent remarks and scores. The program is now very proudto announce that the number of training grant slots has been increased by 50%! Beginning with the academic year of 2007-08, the Neuroscience Program will have 9 training grant slots available per year. This significant accomplishment serves as a marker of the program’s diversity in research, dedication to education and training, as well as the success of former students and the recognized potential of our current students. Our thanks go to Yoland Smith, who tirelessly oversaw much of the renewal process.

In addition to the talented students our program has attracted, we have also been adding to our faculty ranks. Robert Gross (Neurosurgery) has recently been appointed a full faculty position, and Becky Kinkead (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) has been appointed as associate faculty. Be sure to keep an eye on for upcoming, detailed information on their research interests.

Finally, an important note about our weekly seminar series Frontiers in Neuroscience: this spring, Frontiers will be held in the Yerkes NS Building SeminarRoom, Fridays at noon. We are excited to have six outside guest speakers presenting, in addition to several of our own Neuroscience faculty members. Also, be sure to come and support our student speakers on February 16th (Jill Bordelon & Seth Jones) and March 2nd (Sara Dodson & Cliff Michaels)!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact your Executive Committee Student representatives, Dan Manvich ( and Todd Ahern (


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