Results of GIN Election

Originally published September 2007.

GIN Co-Presidents: Jacob Shreckengost & Kate O’Toole
GIN Secretary: Michael Jutras
GIN Treasurer: Amy Anderson
Webmasters: Vasiliki Michopoulos & Santiago Archila
Web Proofer: Erin Hecht
Frontiers Coordinators: Stefanie Ritter & Amanda Caster
Admissions Committee: Michael Kelly & Rebecca Seaman
Executive Committee: Daniel Manvich & Brittany Copp
Curriculum Committee: Meera Modi, Sharon Swanger, & Stefanie Ritter
GSC Representatives: Daniel Manvich, Kalynda Gonzales, Alex Poplawsky
DSAC Representative: Zoe Donaldson
ACSFN Representatives: Kim Maguschak & Rebecca Rosen
Newsletter: Alex Poplawsky & Amy Mahan



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