Neuroscience Student Terrence Wright earns Prestigious ARCS fellowship

Originally published September 2008.

Terrence Wright
Terrence Wright

Congratulations to Terrence Wright for recently earning the prestigious ARCS Fellowship. Terrence has been with us at Emory since 2004 after earning his MS in biological sciences from California State University in San Marcos. Initially under the IGERT fellowship, he currently pursuing his graduate education in the lab of Dr. Ron Calabrese. The ARCS fellowship stands for Achievement Rewards for College Scientists. The Atlanta Chapter of ARCS offers scholarships for scientists and engineers in specific programs at Emory (including GDBBS), GA Tech, Morehouse College, and Univ. of Georgia. To be sulcus97eligible, students must be nominated by the their program, have a 3.5 GPA, and be a U.S citizen. Terrence competed with other Emory program nominees by submitting a research summary paragraph and giving a 15- min research presentation in lay terms. The mission of the ARCS Foundation is to provide scholarships to academically outstanding United States citizens studying to complete their degrees in science, medicine and engineering, thereby contributing to the worldwide advancement of science and technology. In the 2007- 2008 academic year Atlanta awarded $198,500 to support 34 scholars, cumulatively some $2 million to 393 science and engineering scholars since 1992. Once selected, the scholar is supported until completion of the degree, as long as academic excellence is maintained. Only four GDBBS students were se- Terrence Wright lected for this award this year and it is a very impressive accomplishment. Congratulations Terrence on your success!!!


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