Frontiers Seminar Schedule Fall 2008

Originally published September 2008.

Don’t forget to come to Frontiers in Neuroscience, every Friday. Frontiers is our program’s weekly seminar series that happens every Friday at 12 noon. (Refreshments served at 11:45). Our speakers include faculty at Emory, and professors from other institutions selected and hosted by a second year graduate student.

Sept. 12 James Lah, MD, PhD Why do we do what we do: The promise of translational neuroscience
Sept. 19 Shella Keilhoz, PhD Magnetic resonance imaging of functional networks in the rodent brain
Sept. 26 Dieter Jaeger, PhD Insights from electrophysiological recordings and computer modeling into the enigmatic function of the deep cerebellar nuclei
Oct. 3 Stephen Warren, PhD Fragile X Syndrome: Mechanistic insights & therapeutic implications
Oct. 10 Vallabh Das, PhD Neural correlates for abnormal eye alignment and eye movements in monkeys with strabismus
Oct. 17 Subhabrata Sanyal, PhD The curious fly: Cellular mechanisms of neuronal plasticity in Drosophila
Oct. 24 Ed Rubel, PhD Experience and auditory brainstem development: Signals, cellular events and critical periods
Oct. 31 Larry Young, PhD Molecular neurobiology of social bonding
Nov. 7 Randy Sakai, PhD Endocrine and metabolic changes associated with chronic social stress
Nov. 14 SFN Mtg/No Frontiers  
Nov. 21 Clint Kilts, PhD A Human Neuroscience of Relapse and its Prevention in Cocaine Addiction
Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Holiday  
Dec. 5 Ella Bossy-Wetzel, PhD Mitochondrial fission and fusion imbalance in Neurodegeneration



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