Frontiers in Neuroscience

Originally published February 2007.

We have an exciting new line up for this spring’s Frontiers in Neuroscience. Be sure to join us every Friday in the Yerkes Neuroscience Seminar room at noon. Below are some special dates to remember:

2/9 Samantha Butler (USC)
Host: Jacob Shreckengost

2/16 Jill Bordelon & Seth Jones

2/23 Klaus Miczek (Tufts)
Host: Dan Manvich

3/2 Sara Dodson & Cliff Michaels

3/23 Cynthia Czajkowski (U of WI)
Host: Kate O’Toole

3/30 David Wells (Yale)
Host: Sharon Swanger

4/13 Peter Gillespie (Oregon HSU)
Host: Mike Kelly

4/20 John Gabrielli (MIT)
Host: Alex Poplawsky


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