Executive Committee Review

Brittany Howell, Executive Committee Student Representative

Originally published September 2008.

Brittany Howell
Brittany Howell

The beginning of a new academic year is upon us, and with it a new class of exceptional neuroscience students. A total of 13 new students will be joining the Emory Neuroscience community this year, once again completely filling all available program slots. The Executive Committee would like to thank the members of the Admissions Committee, student reps, all of the student volunteers and of course Sonia Hayden for continuing to raise the bar each year!!

The Executive Committee is proud to announce that Ron Calabrese (DGS for 1st and 2nd years), Yoland Smith (Program Director), and David Weinshenker (Membership Committee) were all re-elected to the EC. We would also like to welcome the newest additions to the neuroscience faculty Dubois Bowman (Biostatistics, Center for Biomedical Imaging Statistics – SPH), James Greene (Neurology), Victor Faundez (Cell Biology), and James Zheng (Cell Biology). Dr. Zheng is accompanied by a graduate student, Yanjie Fan, another wonderful addition to the program.

The introduction of the grant writing class, “Hypothesis Design and Scientific Writing”, led by Dr. Rick Kahn was a great success. Members of the current third year class were able to get a head start on writing their NRSA proposals, which included multiple rounds of both student and faculty critiques and two mock study sections. Given the importance of these proposals and the work necessary to complete them, it was suggested that the course be offered earlier in the curriculum. The current second year class will be enrolled in the course in the Fall semester instead of the Spring. This will allow students more time to respond to critiques and hammer down a tight and logical proposal.

In response to concerns regarding a lack of brain imaging elective courses, a new course “Functional Brain Imaging” will be directed by Leonard Howell. Topics covered include the physiological basis of functional brain imaging, different imaging modalities and experimental design. For more information please contact Leonard Howell lhowell@emory.edu).

Earlier this year the GDBBS asked students to fill out a questionnaire addressing issues of graduate student satisfaction. From your responses we have identified some areas that need to be addressed including keeping current students up to date with positions obtained by alumni, career prospects and improving dissemination of both practical teaching experience and coursework available. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on how we can best address these areas, or if you ever have any concerns involving the program, please don’t hesitate to contact Brittany Howell (a.k.a. Brittany Copp- bcopp@emory.edu) or Megan Lyle malyle@emory.edu).


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