Executive Committee Review

By Megan Lyle, Executive Committee Student Representative

Originally published February 2009.

The new year is off to a busy start. Plans for recruitment have been made and interviews offered. We’re looking forward to entertaining a great group of candidates from across the globe. Eileen Kessler and Becky Roffman have some exciting new activities planned, including a brunch on Saturday morning. We hope everyone in the program will contribute to make the weekends a great success!

Megan Lyle
Megan Lyle

We’d also like to offer a warm welcome the Neuroscience Program’s newest faculty additions: Shan Ping Yu (Anesthesiology), Ling Wei (Anesthesiology), Ellen Hess (Pharmacology), Hyder Jinnah (Neurology), Ying Guo (Biostatistics), Opal Ousley (Psychiatry), James Zheng (Cell Biology).

Greg Berns (Psychiatry) and Mary Horton (MD/PhD program) are leading the development of the “Scholars Program in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Research- SPRINR” supported by the Neuroscience Initiative. The program is open to students from any graduate program, but scholars must develop a research project that combines neuroscience with at least one other discipline. The program aims to “challenge outstanding trainees to develop innovative and interdisciplinary research projects that transcend conventional disciplinary divides and blend Neuroscience with various disciplines across Emory University.” This effort will undoubtedly open new avenues of research and inquiry. Those seeking more information should contact Greg (gberns@emory.edu) or Mary (mhorton@emory.edu).

Brittany Howell
Brittany Howell

The Curriculum Committee will meet in February to review the status of the Grant-writing class. This year, the course was offered in the fall of the second year. Students have expressed strong opinions (both positive and negative) about the timing of the course. The committee will review these comments while comparing the pros and cons of offering the course in the spring versus fall of the second year. Andy Jenkins and Tamara Caspary are busy making improvements to the Introductory Seminar course. Any comments about the curriculum and its development can be directed to Stefanie Ritter and Damon Lamb.

Please contact your Executive Committee Student Representatives (Megan Lyle & Brittany Howell) with any questions, comments, or concerns.


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