2008 Thesis Defenders, 2008 Incoming Students

Originally published May 2008.

Thesis defenders:

1/17/2008 Tommy Guillot (Andrew Miller)
2/25/2008 James Lee (Lian Li)
3/11/2008 Sara Dodson (Alan Levey)
3/21/2008 Adam Orr (Xiao-Jiang Li)
4/15/2008 Gillian Hue (David Rye)

Incoming students:

Catherine Barrett (Penn State)
Andrew Brooks (Mercer Univ)
Monica Chau (UC Davis)
Ming-Fai Fong (MIT)
Lanikea King (Univ of Hawaii)
Laura Mariani (Brandeis Univ)
Abraham Mathai (Univ of Pune, India)
Callie McGrath (Boston College)
Karen Murray (Lafayette College)
Christina Nemeth (Hamilton College)
Yvonne Ogbonmwan (Georgia State)
Kathryn Shepard (Ithaca College)


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