Just a Small Flight from Texas

Amy Mahan, 1st Year Student

Originally published September 2009.

sulcus43As I prepare to start my first year in the Emory Neuroscience program I am excited about what lies ahead. What attracted me to Emory initially was the depth of the program and the diversity of research opportunities that would be available to me. But what sealed the decision for me was coming to Atlanta in February and meeting the intelligent and friendly students who were very eager to socialize with us during recruitment weekend, and interviewing with the very personable faculty whom all seemed very passionate about their research. The smaller dinner group at Café Lilly with a few students and faculty that shared my research interest, in particular, was unique to Emory’s recruitment weekend and allowed me to mingle more closely with my future friends and colleagues. Together, everyone made me feel very certain that Emory was the place I wanted to be.

I moved to Atlanta in May, started a rotation in June, and have not once doubted my decision to come to Emory. Working in the exciting research lab of Dr. Larry Young, I have gotten to look at the role of AMPA receptors of the nucleus accumbens in social behaviors of the prairie vole. In addition, I have been working to sequence the ligands Urocortin II and III of the CRF system in hopes to better understand how this system affects social behavior in prairie voles.

In addition, I have gotten to explore Atlanta and got to know some of the graduate students while rotating. Watching World Cup soccer at the Brewhouse, eating pizza at Little Five Points, exploring downtown Decatur, or playing pick-up soccer at the Clairmont campus with my “neurobuddy” and other graduate students made me feel much more at home in Atlanta then I did in May. This summer has confirmed what I was convinced of after interviewing in February…that Emory is the perfect place to pursue my graduate studies. I look forward to starting my classes and meeting the other first year students this fall.


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