Fresh faces

Originally published September 2006.

Congratulations to all the incoming 1st years for deciding to join the Emory Neuroscience community. It is a pleasure to see such a variety of backgrounds ready to contribute to the diversity of our program.

Amy Anderson Neuroscience William & Mary
Santiago Archila Biomedical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
Terrell Brotherton Biology Duke University
Amanda Caster Biological Sciences Antioch University (NY)
Brittany Copp Neuroscience Tulane University
Charity Duran Molecular Biology& Music Performance Meredith College (NC)
Alisha Epps Psychology University of South Carolina, Columbia
Kalynda Gonzales Biology University of Massachusetts, Boston
Erin Hecht Cognitive Science& Neuroscience University of California, San Diego
Amy Mahan Biology & Psychology Trinity University (TX)
Anlys Olivera Psychology Florida State University
Mark Porath Psychology Arizona State University
Stefanie Ritter Neuroscience Furman University

Anyone who would like to welcome the new class can use the following e-address:


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