Career Development Committee

Charlene Cole
Charlene Cole

From Charlene Cole

Originally published February 2006.

A career development committee is being organized to introduce students to the various opportunities or usage of their PhD. Interim Dean Keith Wilkinson and Monica Taylor are the advisors.

The members of this committee include:
Andrea McCollum PBEE
Charlene Cole NS
Valerie Truax BCDB
Anjali Shah GMB
Jill Harley MSP
Elizabeth Lindsey PBEE
Troy Querec IMP
Kroshona Tabb NS
Rebekah Taylor IMP
Frederick Schnell IMP
Carlos Goller MMG
Cliff Michaels NS
Suzanne Judd NHS

Our objective is to inform students about and provide information and opportunities regarding potential careers in science policy/law (patent, etc), education (at research one institutions/liberal arts/ K12/community college), industry (they’re setting up internships for students to perform with a select group of companies throughout the US), non-profit, business, science writing (for which a couple of courses have already been generated). In other words: We intend to introduce more meaningful career development experiences and resources. We want to create an environment where we provide training in fields of interest and support to those who want to pursue careers within or outside of academia.


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