What is a Neurobuddy all about?

From the desk of Lizabeth Martin

Originally published August 2005.

As you know by now, Emory neuroscience is looking forward to a new class of 17 highly qualified and much sought-after students. Many of you may recall the summer before beginning at Emory… the massive amounts of mail and e-mail from GSAS, GDBBS, NS and every other acronym under the sun, finding a place to live, deciding where to rotate, locating the nearest grocery store, gas station, and bars to your new home… etc. This year, each new student has been paired with a current student whose role as “neurobuddy” is to make the transition to Emory/Grad School/Atlanta a little bit easier. Our current neurobuddies include the entirety of the first year class as well as many second years and some more advanced students. As our new students begin arriving to ATL, we will organize a variety of social functions for the neurobuddy pairs. Miss out on being a neurobuddy this year? Keep an eye out for invitations to the retreat and mixers this fall to make sure you get to know our new students.


Lizabeth Martin generously coordinated the Neurobuddy program for this year’s incoming students. Many thanks for her hard work. Please contact her at eimarti@emory.edu with comments or offers to help.


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