Speaking of which …

Originally published August 2005.

This fall will bring us 17 new students, a better than 50% acceptance rate of the offers we made. We hope that everyone will help us in welcoming these students. Please feel free to contact them as they begin their transition to Emory.

Sarah Cork Biological Anthropology Duke University
Stacey Dutton Biology Univ. of MD
Teresa Emerick Neuroscience Grinnell College
Bret Fields Chemistry GA Tech
Meriem Gaval Biology/Psychology Florida State University
Michael Kelly Neuroscience University of Rochester
Heather Malinowski Neurobiology/Psychology MI State University
Daniel Manvich Biopsychology Tufts University
Vasiliki Michopoulos Neuroscience University of VA
Meera Modi Biology/Philosophy SUNY, Binghamton
Kevin Murnane Biology/Psychology University of GA
Kate O’Toole Biology Northern KY University
Alexander Poplawski Neuroscience/Chemistry University of Pittsburgh
Rebecca Seaman Biology Union College
Jacob Shreckengost Biology University of Chicago
Sharon Swanger Behavioral Neuroscience Lehigh University
Ahmad Sylvester Psychology SUNY, Buffalo

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