Recruitment wrap-up

by Kristen Sager, Student Admissions Representative

Originally published August 2005.

As the student representatives to the Admissions committee, Zoe Donaldson and I would like to thank each and every one of you for making Recruiting 2005 a great success! Through the active participation of a majority of the Neuroscience program, we were able to recruit an impressive incoming class that will be joining us in August. Representing a wide array of backgrounds and coming from all over the country, our new class is composed of 17 outstanding individuals, each of whom will bring something new to our program.

Kristen and the recruiting robot!
Kristen and the recruiting robot!

Every year, the student representatives look for new ways to highlight all the great things that our program has to offer, and this year was no exception. New events on the schedule this year included a cocktail reception that was cosponsored by GIN, sit down dinners at local restaurants with select faculty members, and a private party at Gordon Biersch with the current students. Each of these events was very well received, showing off the great dynamics that exist between our faculty and staff. Clearly, we have a unique environment here at Emory, something that was readily apparent all weekend.

In addition to the above mentioned social activities, we also had current students give Frontiers for the first time. During our first weekend, Cary Zink and Dinesh Raju were under the spotlight, while Jasmeer Chhatwal and Liz Hammock presented their research the second weekend. They all went above and beyond. Indeed, these presentations were the source of much discussion among the Neuroscience community throughout the weekend, a great testament to these students.

Zoe thanks you all for happy recruiting!
Zoe thanks you all for happy recruiting!

One of the greatest successes of this past recruiting effort was that throughout the time our recruits were here, they were presented with a unified, organized program that cares about its students. Everyone stepped up, not just once but twice, something that did not go unnoticed. We had as many as 50 volunteers per weekend, working together in various capacities to demonstrate just how great our program can be. I couldn’t imagine a recruiting weekend running any smoother, and Zoe and I were both continually reminded of all the reasons we choose to come to Emory.

Once again, I want to thank all of you for making recruiting such a success this year, and I hope that you will all continue to be a part of bringing the best of the best to Emory in the future. In particular, I want to thank Sonia, Leonard and Yoland for their help behind the scenes and Cliff and Rebecca for generously helping throughout both weekends. Finally, I want to extend a personal thank you to Zoe for being a great partner in crime. I’ve been a part of the last four recruiting efforts in some capacity or another, and I’m sure that Zoe will continue to bring new ideas and a tremendous dedication to our recruiting events for next year. So thank you again to everyone who helped out, and be sure to introduce yourselves to our new students next fall!


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