New year, new voices

Originally published August 2005.

At the end of May, the students held a formal GIN meeting to elect next year’s officials. Thank you to everyone who showed support for our program by attending and congratulations and thank you to everyone who will be going beyond the call of duty next year by representing our program in one of the following positions:
GIN Co-Presidents: Rebecca Rosen, Eric Heuer
GIN Secretary: Mike Jutras
GIN Treasurer: Elyse Katz
Webmaster: Liz DeGoursac, Michael Wright
Frontiers Coordinator: Jim Bogenpohl, Michael Wright
Admissions Committee: Zoe Donaldson, Meag Ward
Executive Committee: Jill Bordelon, Todd Ahern
Curriculum Committee: Chris Rowland, Lizabeth Martin, Eric Heuer
GSC Representative: Elyse Katz, Michael Wright, Kristen Sager
DSAC Representative: Cliff Michaels
ACSFN Representative: Sara Dodson, Kim Maguschak


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