I know what you did last year: Highlights of Neuroscience student accomplishments

Originally published August 2005.

Neuroscience students have seen quite a few success stories in the last few months from the awarding of 7 Ph.D.s to an article in Science. Here are some highlights:

Ph.D.’s Awarded:

Joanna Bonsall with Dr. Marla Luskin
Isadora Bielsky with Dr. Larry Young
Lisa Stanek with Drs. Mike Davis and Kerry Ressler
Liz Hammock with Dr. Larry Young
Anne-Elise Tobin with Dr. Ron Calabrese
Cary Zink with Dr. Greg Berns
Ricardo Caceda with Dr. Charles Nemeroff

 Research Fellowships:

Emory is currently tied with John’s Hopkin’s University in fourth place nationwide for funding of NRSA’s. We are preceeded only by Stanford, Harvard and UCSF.


Lisa Kreiner with Amy Lee (began 2/05)
Eric Backes with Scott Hemby (began 9/17/04)
Jasmeer Chhatwal with Kerry Ressler(began 8/1/04)
Kimberly Dougherty with Shawn Hochman (began 9/04)
Jennifer Felger with Andy Miller (9/04-9/07)
Dinesh Raju with Yoland Smith (Begin 9/1/05)
Lisa Imboden with Lian Li
Jill Bordelon with Chris Muly

 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship:

Todd Ahern-Honorable Mention

Other national awards:

Charlene Cole-FACES -Facilitating Academic Careers in Engineering and the Sciences
John Pullium-American Psychological Association Diversity Fellowship Program predoctoral fellowship and FACES – Facilitating Academic Careers in Engineering and Sciences predoctoral Fellowship.
Gus Davis-Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship from PhRMA

Teaching Fellowships:

Charlene Cole-PRISM Fellowship
Jaime Hatcher– Piedmont Project Fellowship on integrating environment and sustainability in Teaching.
Amanda Freeman-Dean’s Teaching Fellowship 2005-2006 and the International School of Biophysics.

Travel Awards:

Masa Kuwajima– Atlanta Chapter of SFN/Eli Lilly Graduate Student Travel Award
Elyse Katz-Travel Award to the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Conference in Toronto
Lizabeth Martin-2005 Univ. Wisconsin Health and Emotion Symposium and RIKEN Brain Science Institute Summer Lecture Series.
Maryse Paquet-Women in Neurosciences, Eli Lilly and Pfizer Student Travel Awards and best poster Award (3rd place) GDBBS Annual Symposium

Other Awards:

Zoe Donaldson was named to The Chancellor’s List.

Student Publications:

Please see our website at http://www.emory.edu/NEUROSCIENCE for a current list of student publications

Something missing? Contact Zoe at zdonald@emory.edu


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