Faculty Focus

Originally published February 2005.

This is a new section in our newsletter and based only on the responses from faculty. Don’t see your award or grant? Email Zoe at zdonald@emory.edu.

Franz de Waal was named a foreign associate to the National Academy of Sciences.

Mike Kuhar, PhD, chief of Yerkes’ Neuroscience Division, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Neuropharmacology, and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar has been elected as the new president of the International Drug Abuse Research Society (IDARS). The IDARS will focus on building an international membership, basic research and an annual meeting for researchers.

Mark Wilson, Diane Thompson, Andrew Miller, Mike Owens, Kim Wallen. “Anti-cancer medication and emotional well-being: assessment of drug interaction to alleviate adverse side effects of breast cancer therapy” Funded by Woodruff Research Fund, Emory University; Sept 2004 – Aug 2005.

David Weinshenker. NARSAD Young Investigator’s Award: “Norepinephrine: a molecular link between depression and epilepsy” (2004-2006)

Bob Gross. K08

Dieter Jaeger will join Tom Wichmann on an NIH study section on sensorimotor integration.

Steve Wolf. Selected to the Musculoskeletal and Rehabilitation Medicine study section at the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research within the NICHHD.

Shanthi Srinivasan. “Enteric Neuronal Survival in Diabetes” NIH and “Role of Oxidative Stress in Diabetic Enteric Neuropathy” Emory Center for Clinical and Molecular Nutrition Pilot Feasibility Award.


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