New year, new changes

by Jill Bordelon, Executive Committee Student Rep

Originally published August 2005.

The Executive Committee has been hard at work this year reviewing the new curriculum, updating recruitment, approving a Program Director, initiating changes for the DGS position, approving new faculty and listening to student progress and input.

Todd Ahern
Todd Ahern

After lively discussion, the Executive Committee approved the Curriculum Committee’s recommendation for next year’s course requirements. During Fall 2005, the incoming students will take the GDBBS Biochemistry course along with Systems/Neuroanatomy (also known as NS II—thanks to Dieter’s keen eye, the name will be changed to NS I). In the Spring, they will take Cellular Neuroscience, which will be taught by Ron Calabrese.

The Executive Committee approved Yoland Smith as Program Director. Many thanks and congrats to Yoland for his hard work and dedication!

Dinesh Raju
Dinesh Raju

The Selection Committee has nominated Larry Young and Ron Calabrese to share DGS duties. Because there will be 97 students in our program next year, the Executive Committee felt at least two faculty were needed to meet all of the students’ needs.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the following faculty: Shawn Hochman, David Weinshenker, Amy Lee, Mike Davis, Mike Mustari, Leonard Howell, Yoland Smith, Krish Sathian, Larry Young, Lian Li, Marie Csete, Dieter Jaeger, Mike Kuhar, Xiao-Jiang Li, and Kerry Ressler. The newly elected members

Jill Bordelon
Jill Bordelon

are Thomas Wichmann, Keqiang Ye and Ron Calabrese. Jill Bordelon and Dinesh Raju were your Ex- ecutive Committee representative this year. Student rep Dinesh Raju has served his 2 year term, and Todd Ahern will be taking his place. We have all been working hard to put together a great retreat for everyone. Finally, the Executive Committee would like to encourage everyone to attend the Frontiers Lectures to be held Thursdays at noon this semester!


Beginning a new tradition, the student representative on the NS Executive Committee will be using the Central Sulcus as a forum to fill everyone in on the changes approved by the committee. Jill Bordelon, one of our current reps has graciously started us out. Please contact Jill with any concerns or questions.


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