On their way out … On their way in …

Originally published September 2004.

Emory’s neuroscience program has awarded Ph.D. degrees to 12 students
in the last year. We wish them all the best of luck.

Ph.D Awarded to             Advisor

Ellen E. Olson                    Bob McKeon

Miranda M. Lim                 Larry Young

David Gutman                   Charles Nemeroff

George Walton                  Hubert Yoland Smith

Joseph T. Daley                David Rye

Carissa J. Cascio              Krish Sathian

Volkan Coskun, M.D.        Marla Luskin

Susanne Hollinger             John Hepler

Laura Volpicelli Daley        Allan Levey

Jonathan McConathy        Mark Goodman

Deborah Backus Mike      Cutcher

Dan McClatchey               Allan Levey

Kevin Erreger                    Steve Treynelis

Left: Laura Volpicelli Daley with her advisor, Allan Levey.
Left: Laura Volpicelli Daley with her advisor, Allan Levey.
Right: Susanne Hollinger with her advisor John Hepler.
Right: Susanne Hollinger
with her advisor John Hepler.

This fall has seen the addition of ten excellent students to the neuroscience program. A huge thank you is in order for all those who helped make recruiting so successful— particularly admissions committee members, Kathy Engisch, Amy Lee, Shawn Hochman, Mike Mustari, Thomas Wichmann, Larry Young, Kristen Sager, and Sara Giordano.

New Students:
Todd Ahern—Oberlin College—tahern@learnlink.emory.edu
James Bogenpohl—Washington Univ.—bogie223@yahoo.com
Maurice Fountain—Morgan State Univ.—fountain_maurice@yahoo.com
Eric Heuer—Allegheney College—heuer@learnlink.emory.edu
Shareen Iqba—Indiana University—saiqbal@emory.edu
Michael Jutras—Brown University—mjutras@emory.edu
Jun Liu—Georgia Tech—phipsyche@yahoo.com
Jessica McClung—Cal Poly State Univ.—jmcclun@learnlink.emory.edu
Meagan Ward—Smith College—meagan.ward@emory.edu
Micheal (Terrence) Wright—Cal State, San Marcos—terrence.wright@emory.edu


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