Focus on the NIH Training Grant

Originally published September 2004.

If you ask your average neuroscience student what they know about the NIH training grant that funds a portion of our program, they will probably be able to tell you that it helps pay some of the student stipends, provides book money and money to host student selected guest speakers. But there is a lot more to it than that. The NIH training grant is a prestigious grant awarded by NIH to programs throughout the US that have excelled not only in producing great research but also in training great neuroscientists. Ron Calabrese emphasizes that “the importance of the training grant is peer validation and the ability to accept more students into our program.” Only a few institutions receive this grant (ten when the grant was initiated in the 1980’s). This is one of the things that sets our program apart and emphasizes, yet again, how well we train our students. Emory Neuroscience received the grant, Training in Systems and Integrative Neuroscience, ten years ago. To date we have successfully trained 28 students with training grant money. Ron Calabrese has served as PI on the training grant since 1995, and Yoland Smith will take over as PI when the grant is submitted for renewal this year. More information about the training grant can be found at



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