Changes are on the way for Emory Neuroscience

Originally published September 2004.

Emory Neuroscience is getting a face lift. Or at least its curriculum is. The Executive Committee voted last spring to restructure the first year coursework in an attempt to streamline and integrate the current courses. Three important changes were approved. In the fall, incoming students will take a course called Neuroscience 1, designed to integrate the current biochemistry and cellular neuroscience courses. Students will also be encouraged to begin rotations in the fall.

Spring semester will see even bigger changes spurred by a decision to reconstruct the GDBBS sponsored cell biology course. Neuroscience students will be joining the GDBBS cell biology course for a seven week module to cover topics not included in other NS courses. Second semester will also include Neuroscience 2, a course that combines neuroanatomy and systems neuroscience.

All those involved in the efforts to revise the curriculum are excited about the upcoming year. Liz Degoursac, the new student representative on the curriculum committee says she is particularly excited about these changes because “they will provide a highly integrated approach to presenting the fundamentals of neuroscience.”

This year will also include a change in the program administration as Ron Calabrese goes on sabbatical for the year. Yoland Smith will be acting director of the program. Larry Young will become DGS and Leonard Howell will remain as Chair of Student Admission. Yoland Smith is also Chair of Curriculum Committee. Special thanks to Tim Cope for all the hard work he has put into the new curriculum as previous Chair of the Curriculum Committee.


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